Our goal is to help you tell your story with style and fashion. We source, curate and deliver the most sought-after vintage clothing so you can bring them back to life.

HEX Life & Style Video Podcast

Join me as I sit down one on one with some of the best vintage collectors, fashion stylists, musicians, artists, and small business owners. Each guest gives you a behind the scenes look at their styles, collections, industry knowledge, and helpful tips. Find us on YouTube, Apple, and Spotify

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Therapy Recycle Program

It's simple when you are tired of wearing the same vintage clothing and want to discover something new, let us help! We buy and trade out clothing so you can look fresh to death and have more coin in your pockets.

VT Live Shows & Popups

Keep up with HEX on location. We will keep you updated on all our popups, flea events, and live video podcasts.

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